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Find the Best Soccer Betting Sites in Ghana

Your Guide to Soccer Betting in Ghana

1XBET Ghana

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Betting Ghana

All betting sites in Ghana offer soccer games.

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Soccer requires in-play gaming to be truly interesting. 

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Top Sites For Soccer Betting in Ghana

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An Overview of Football Betting Types

Football Straight Up

The simplest of all soccer bets – you bet on the winner. In this case, it does not matter if the game ends in regular time, overtime or penalty shootouts – the final score is all that counts.

Double Chance

The Double Chance Football bet is an easy, and rather safe option. The Double Chance lets you bet on two outcomes which you will win on; two of either 1) A win 2) A draw or 3) A loss.

Football Draw No Bet

This is actually arather simple bet: You bet on a winner but in case the game is a draw your money is refunded. There is no “X” in other words.

Football Spread Bet

Spread bets are familiar mainly from basketball betting and has today become the most popular form of football betting : It is the practice of betting according to the total amount of goals scored by the different teams. The idea is to spot which team will outperform their regular form.

The bookmaker will state the expected amount of goals (say 1,5) that the favourite team is expected to win the game by – and you can bet either over the spread  (more than 1,5 goals in favour of the favourite) or below (less than 1,5 goals).

The effect of the spread bet is that it makes it interesting to bet on underdogs – even if you believe your favourite team will loose you can bet on them playing better than expected.

Football Half Time Wager

This is a betting option that places a bet on the score at half time – in other words after 45 minutes of game play. Basically, you can bet on 1 (home team win), X (draw) or 2 (away team win) at half time.

Some betting sites will also offer games for play only for second half time.

Football Score Bets

This is a bet on the total amount of goals made during the game. If you wager on a 5 Score bet, you are wagering on that the cumulative amount of goals scored during the game will be 5 (it may be 4-1 or 2-3, you win either way).

Most betting sites will actually offer a score line, and you can bet either over or under this line. So if the score line is 2,5, you can bet on the total amount of goals either to be over 2,5 (3 or more), or under (2 or less) to win.

Yellow cards

Based on the team expectations, the betting site will say how many yellow cards they expect will be given during the game. You can bet that there will be more ore less yellow cards given during the game – so if you believe the game will be unusually fierce and hot-headed, you should bet above the line.


This is a bet on the amount of corners both teams will get. The betting site will place a line, and you will bet either above that amount of corners or below that amount of corners.

Exact Score Bets

This is when you bet on the final outcome of a game – if you bet on 2-1 this is exactly how the game has to end in order for you to win. You can also bet on the exact score after half time, after full time, and full game score.

Future Bets

This is a bet on a long term winner, usually on a cup winner. So you can bet on a certain team to become the Premier League winner, the Uefa Cup winner or a championship winner. This bet will keep your suspense for longer!

First to Score

This is when you bet on the first team to score

Football Red Card

This is when you bet on IF a red card will be given during the game. If you bet on a “Yes”, you will win if a red card is given, irrespective of which team it is given to. 

Ghana Premier League Standings Today

How do you know which soccer betting site to use?

The site, and your money, is safe

They have many withdrawal options

They let you bet on most available games

You get the best possible odds

Ghana loves football betting, so they need to be good at football

The site is easy to use

Soccer Betting Ghana


The most popular sport

Premier League

The most popular league

Betting Shops

More popular than online

1XBET Ghana Review

1XBET is a very well known international bookmaker, with a presence in many African markets and offers legal betting options in Ghana. 1XBET offers odds on almost all the League games – with the Premier League covered by main bets and side bets. 

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If you’re new to 1xbet, they offer a pretty decent welcome bonus. In fact, it is one of the best bonuses on the market. Claim your offer here.

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Is 1XBET legal in Ghana?


How do I get payouts from 1XBET?

Payouts are fast (24hrs during business days) with 1XBET. You can withdraw to most of the popular e-wallets, but also through MTN.

How do I sign up for 1XBET in Ghana?

You will need to register on their website. This is easy and they have a simple form for you to register. You can register with one of these:

  • Email
  • Phone (SMS)
  • Facebook

1XBET offers most games for play, and they even offer in-play on many games. This means you can play while the game is going on!

In-play - we like it!

1XBET covers what you will want to play – they have almost all football league games.

Coverage - it's great!

1XBET offers live support, chat, and email. We tested it, and got answers within 5 minutes (to a withdrawal question)

Support works